normally abnormal
Joint Exhibition

first half:17 Sep - 5 Oct 2021
second half:9 Oct - 31 Oct 2021

Venue:chi K11 Art Space

A joint exhibition parallel to illusfairHK, featuring artists’ works in different medium -  from 2D to 3D, still art to motion art, illustration to installations, showcasing all aspects of normality or abnormality. We are here to shock your existing conception of what illustration and visual art is or could be.
Will you be left with a touch of the ordinary, or of eccentric absurdity?

Your abnormality. My normality.
When we think we are living normally, others might think we are strange.
Men looking at women, the old looking at the young. Lunatics looking at geniuses, left-handed looking at right-handed. Everyone lives his own way, which normal is “normal”?

Is “normal” defined by the ones who blindly follow the trends, or, by the “weird” ones who grew up in an already abnormal world? Is it because you can’t stand being normal that makes you “abnormal”? Or is there no such thing as normal or abnormal right from the start?

As usual, this place is now filled with absurdity.
May everything return to its “normal” state by the end of your visit.

3 highlights from the exhibition includes:

- ZONE A -

Risograph Illustration

Risograph is a traditional printing technique. Due to technical limitations, pattern misalignment, overlapping, and uneven ink marks may occur during printing. However, this imperfection is, in fact, the perfect result we want — filling each risograph with surprises and uniqueness. This exhibition will display the risograph works of over 30 illustrators, each of which will be sold in a limited edition of 20. 

*Risograph illustration Zone at chi K11 art space will only showcase around two-thirds of the artworks, the other one-third of artworks will be on exhibition next to illusfairHK – normally abnormal, whose exhibition date is from 24 September to 10 October. Limited editions of the 35 Risograph works can be purchased at chi K11 art space.

- ZONE B -

Window Arts

The windows of the exhibition venue face the subway. When the crowd is busily walking to and fro with their heads down, will this artistic focal point make you stop for a moment and have a think? The show is separated into 2 sessions, featuring 4 large-scale work per session, thus a total of 8 illustrators/art units, bringing everyone into a world of fantasy and abnormality.

- ZONE C -

Visual and Installation

15 artists, each using their preferred medium to create works of art that invites the visitors to contemplate the differences between “normality” and “abnormality”. Separated into two sessions (where the artworks will have a slight twist), which one will showcase the “normality” through your perspective?