A Flash of
Time and Day

By: Miloza

How long ago is “the past”?
Was it yesterday, the day before yesterday, or every past day that can you remember?
Life can feel fast or slow at different times, happy days are like lanterns with a revolving scene - joyful to watch every time.
Times of sadness is like a slow slideshow, every slide startles.

Memories are not happy nor sad, as they coexist.
Only when you start to recollect a past, you’ll realize that life is disappearing...

So what has disappeared?
When what disappeared will you feel happy or sad?

Every day we slave ourselves for happiness and sadness,
If we all learn to face ourselves,
Maybe nothing will disappear anymore...

Can watch the video in it and peek inside.

About Miloza Ma

While being an illustrator and character designer, Miloza never confines herself to two-dimensional art but also devotes herself to figure making to turn her illustrated characters into physical reality. She often finds inspirations from her two obsessions –the Universe and New Age Theology – to conjure up new images and new concepts.

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