The Tower
of Memories

By: K. Wong Wong

This is a tower made of memories, from layer to layer, recording the traces of life. We came alone from the bottom, accumulating experiences and building up ourselves slowly, year by year. The people we met and the once important him and her; things happened and things have gone. Are we gonna be alone again at the end?

In this tower of memories, each level records a phase of our life, the good old days and the memories we had. Who can ever know how many disappearing moments we can still remember once we reached the top in this journey?

Layers of The Tower:
Initial - Home - Childhood - City - Digital - Look Back

Some of the objects can be moved.

About K. Wong Wong

K. Wong Wong is an illustrator and graphic designer, who loves to use simple composition and vivid colors for a variety of creations. Her work was awarded with the The First Runner-up of “Taiwan Good Trip 2017 – Golden Fulong Line” Creative Products Design Award. Once, during a work project, she was inspired by her friends and based them as models for the characters in her illustration series – “Triobones”, illustrating daily life topics in a fun and chill way. Apart from illustration and design works, K. Wong Wong is also actively involved in different exhibition projects in roles of curation concept, visual installation and graphic design etc.

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