Lilliputian House

By: Knoa Chung

Am I bigger or has the house become smaller?

When I was a child, I thought if I worked hard, I would be able to buy a home sweet home by the age of 30 and live there with my loved ones. After I grew up, I worked hard every day, skipping meals after meals, and time passed by without us knowing. What kind of life did I get in return? What is it that has made an image of a home get smaller and smaller, so small that it starts to get suffocating?

The purpose of creating this art installation of "Lilliputian House" is to enable the audience to have fun taking photos inside the tiny house like in Lilliput. At the same time, to reflect on what we have exchanged with our precious time - this tiny house, the endless work, tiring socialization, or for whom?

Can enter the house.

About Knoa Chung

Knoa has worked on a diverse array of projects, from novel illustration, independent and commercial animation, to art toy creation.Currently she devotes herself to bringing up the animals in her whimsical illustration brand “La La Woodland”, she hopes to share stories with the audience and heal their souls through her artwork.

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