By: Hilda Fung

Balls of happiness filled the hourglass like a pool,
But I had no time to play with you.
This City works too hard! I say
And time is a luxury I can’t afford to pay

Until one day, I found a grown man frown
Saying that the hourglass of life is just one way round
I turned to the sound
But the “kid” is nowhere to be found.

Can turn around the hourglass on top of the cart.

About Hilda Fung

Graduated from Sydney, Hilda is an Illustrator, Photographer and Project Manager all-in-one. Hilda’s illustrations can be found as comics, packaging design and in advertising/ promotional materials. In 2018, she illustrated for the Children’s book “Pearl the Panda”. The book won 1st Place in the “Feathered Quill Awards” children’s book category and is Red Ribbon Winner of the “Wishing Shelf Awards”. As a Photographer, Hilda has worked for international brands and has striked Gold at the Tokyo International Photography Awards in 2018.

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