The White Poppies In The City

By: Tsui Chee Yee

In birds symbolism,
kingfishers would chase for their dreams;
hornbills would live in happiness.

However, in this concrete forest,
one must survive before they can ask for a better life.
Kingfishers forgot about the fish in rivers, and start munching on the white poppies.
Hornbills forgot about the fruits in trees, and munch on the white poppies as well.

They continue to munch, and gradually forget what they were pursuing originally…

Coins can be thrown towards the center of the bamboo tube.

About Tsui Chee Yee

After graduating in 2011 from London College of Communication, Graphic and Media Design, Tsui Chee Yee returned to Hong Kong and co-founded &dear with his cousin to promote the conservation of the environment and animals. In the past few years, &dear has designed various exhibitions, campaign branding and art installation for different animal groups (such as WWF, green power, OPCF, HKDR, shark savers).

During 2013 to 2015, &dear had host an annual event “World Animal Day Postcard Charity Sales”. Each year, we collaborated with 10 other local artists to design 10 postcards for exhibition tour and charity sale. Proceeds excluding costs from the charity sale will go to a local animal group.

In 2018, &dear made a 9-meter long plastic whale skeleton art installation for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with all the plastic bottles collected from the garbage station of the university.

In 2019, we built a plastic sea turtle for Ocean Park Conservation Fund at the“Ocean Park Conservation Day 2019”with 1000 recycled plastic bottles. In the same year, we teamed up with Jigsaw Environment Team to make “PLASHARK”, an installation with two hammerhead sharks exhibited at Kerry Centre.

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