"Magical Planet" Market

"Magical Planet'' Creative Design & Handicraft Market 2019

Co-organized by AVA, this creative design & handicraft market is based on the theme of “Magical Planet”. The market is divided into 5 zones (water, fire, wood, light, darkness), representing the 5 magical planets and bringing an distinctive experience for the fair’s visitors.

AVA connects 11 local illustrators to illustrate for the interior decorations for the fair, creating a fantastical wonderland with the magic of their brush-strokes. Through the exhibits, the visitors can get to know more about each illustration brand and explore their unique stories.

The 11 illustrators include:

Planet of Light:Pandahaluha  I  Cafe de Bollo

Planet of Darkness:Peter Wong W.W.  I  Hilda Fung

Planet of Wood:Lala Woodland  I  Mr.Giraffe キリン先生  I  三隻野 Triobones

Planet of Water:&dear  I  sola sofa

Planet of Fire:Lampei 林皮  I  Miloza

“Magical Planet” Market
Time:13:00 – 20:00
Venue:The Space, 2/f, D2 Place ONE
Free Admission

This market is organized by CRECRA and co-organized by AVA. For more details, please visit the organizer’s website: https://www.crecra.com

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