normally abnormal – Joint Exhibition

A joint exhibition parallel to illusfairHK, featuring artists’ works in different medium -  from 2D to 3D, still art to motion art, illustration to installations, showcasing all aspects of normality or abnormality. We are here to shock your existing conception of what illustration and visual art is or could be. Will you be left with a touch of the ordinary, or of eccentric absurdity?

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illusfairHK One of a kind illustration festival ​organized by AVA Initiated by a group of professional illustrators, the first illusfairHK was held in early 2019. The aim of illusfairHK is…

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Gallery on the Move – Chee Yee

The White Poppies In The City By: Tsui Chee Yee Design Concept Interactive Point In birds symbolism,kingfishers would chase for their dreams;hornbills would live in happiness.However, in this concrete forest,one…

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Gallery on the Move – Peter

The Disappearing Scenery By: Peter Wong W. W. Design Concept Interactive Point When we look through the window in a train, the scenery keeps going backwards, and new things appear…

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Gallery on the Move – Hilda

It’s...Time By: Hilda Fung Design Concept Interactive Point Balls of happiness filled the hourglass like a pool,But I had no time to play with you.This City works too hard! I…

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