Gallery on the Move – Chee Yee

The White Poppies In The City By: Tsui Chee Yee Design Concept Interactive Point In birds symbolism,kingfishers would chase for their dreams;hornbills would live in happiness.However, in this concrete forest,one…

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Gallery on the Move – Peter

The Disappearing Scenery By: Peter Wong W. W. Design Concept Interactive Point When we look through the window in a train, the scenery keeps going backwards, and new things appear…

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Gallery on the Move – Hilda

It’s...Time By: Hilda Fung Design Concept Interactive Point Balls of happiness filled the hourglass like a pool,But I had no time to play with you.This City works too hard! I…

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Gallery on the Move Helen

飲茶的回憶 By: Helen Tam Design Concept Interactive Point Although the culture of yum-cha originally came from the Canton area, it has now been developed as a unique culture in Hong…

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